Well, now that I don’t have to worry about exercising and eating artificial sweeteners, I’m back to dieting because this 2.5 month cycle has resulted in massive weight gain. I won’t weigh myself until AF ends but I’m scared to see that number.

Went in for blood and ultrasound yesterday and the nurse called to let us know that we would have to wait a little before starting again because I have a cyst. Which works out anyways because J is taking a licensing exam soon and wants to focus on preparing and then we want to go on vacation. Basically they said we can come back in whenever. I’m less hopeful in the short term. Essentially we can try once more when we get back from vacation, around mid-August, and then we’d have to take an extended break. I’m working on my PhD in Clinical Psychology and there are times throughout this process that it would be very nearly impossible to have a baby. And so we’d have to wait a little until I get over some hurdles before we can try again. And so I’ve somewhat mentally accepted that it may be a good year and half before we can start trying again in earnest. In the meanwhile I’ve revised my plan to get fit again. I was in really good shape when we got married 2 years ago and it’s been a slow decline with the fertility drugs adding the icing on the cake. So new goal: get fit.

I have to say, I myself am shocked at my neutral/good mood. AF came early and shockingly (I don’t get periods on my own…). And still I don’t know what it is but I feel able to move and not dwell. Thank you gd. LOL


2 thoughts on “Gym

  1. You go girl! And I know what you mean about the fertility drugs… I’ve actually stopped weighing myself (I have been an obsessive daily weigher for years) as I was piling it on! I hope getting back fit again makes you feel better in yourself.


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