Still waiting and it’s feeling like forever. Today was eventful though, been having cramps and noticed some blood today. From what I’ve googled, that seems too early to be AF and so I’m hoping, hoping, hoping it’s implantation bleeding. Feeling very crampy and gassy right now. Ugh.

Test day can’t come soon enough. I want that positive so badly !!!


3 thoughts on “11dpo

  1. I am in the same boat as you. I had very slight brown spotting on Friday and then yesterday had a few occurrences of very small red spots. I started cramping worse too. I started freaking out! I woke up in the middle of the night about an hour ago and had some spotting. It was another small red spot with some pinkish discharge. I am still cramping. The cramping is freaking me out most because it feels like more mild period cramps but definitely more significant than I have been feeling this whole process. I took a test and it was negative. My blood test isn’t until Tuesday. I am having trouble getting back to sleep. Everything I read points to implantation bleeding but I am so scared!!


      • That makes me feel better that your cramping is pretty bad too. I was very concerned. I haven’t had any more spotting in 8ish hours. So I am taking that as a good sign. Usually when AF arrives she slowly gets worse, she does disappear. I wish I had stayed away from testing lol I thought I was strong enough but I am not. Two more days until my blood test!


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