Left Behind

I feel very left behind today. My sister and sister in law on my side, and my two sisters in law on J’s side all have had their first child in the past year or so. Everything is focused on them in the family and I’m constantly reminded of it. I just feel down. And that’s not going to change once we have a child, we’re always going to be somewhat behind. There’s no real solution to this, I’m just upset by it sometimes.

The progesterone side effects have lessened. It’s still slightly noticeable but definitely better than yesterday.

I feel really overwhelmed between school/work. There’s just so much to do and so much of it that’s self directed for which I have no patience or motivation.

Feeling very negative about the 2ww outcome and still so long to go.

But something funny that popped into my head:

#IFproblems When you’re visiting with your in laws over the weekend and need to refrigerate your progesterone. 😀

3 thoughts on “Left Behind

  1. Aww I feel you on that one. I found it really difficult to cope when my brother’s child was born. And all my friends were pregnant… It felt really bad. I feel like if it ever works I want to tell people it was a battle and it didn’t come easy. I hope you get a good result!


  2. Hang in there. Unfortunately the progesterone is probably contributing to your negative feelings about the cycle, feelings of hopelessness are a side effect!! We are also well behind all our friends so get that can be tough x


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