I started the progesterone suppositories last night and it was interesting. It went fine, but I got very anxious right before. Very soon after I started feeling crampy, and that’s gotten worse today. I basically feel the way I do on my period. It’s really uncomfortable, makes me want to do nothing all day and the bad weather isn’t helping. I feel extremely overwhelmed with all the projects I have going on, and feel like it never stops. I really want a vacation.

About the crampy, period feeling – is that normal? Is that the progesterone?

3 thoughts on “Symptoms

  1. Totally normal (in my experience) My advice for what I found to be the most helpful was to push it up as far as you possible can and try to tuck it into the pocket next to your cervix. It doesn’t feel pleasant but it isn’t quite as crampy and makes less mess.


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