3 days post

I just feel lonely. I wish I had a friend to complain about the 2ww (that literally only started today)… But the only person I know going through something similar is very closed, doesn’t like to talk about it or be reminded of it. So I don’t have anyone.

It’s just hard. I wish I had a group of people to vent with. I feel like these 2 weeks are going to go by very slowly.


11 thoughts on “3 days post

  1. That group is us!! Vent all you want. People online were great during my wait. Tbh I wasn’t even expecting a positive result so was preparing myself for the worst. Keep yourself busy and try not to think about it.


      • Well I felt pessimistic (I really didn’t expect it to work) and I got a positive test! So I don’t think it necessarily means you won’t get it. There’s no point worrying about the test right now as you can’t change it… Just try and concentrate on other things!


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