2 days post ovidrel

So a number of things. This morning I’m thinking to myself that I don’t feel anything. Being me, I search the depths of the internet about whether ovidrel can not work and that maybe it’s just not gonna happen for me. Fast forward to now. I’m sitting on the couch nauseous in a lot of pain on my left side (where the largest follicle was) at the point where I’d rather not speak or move more than I have to. Fine, it’s bad but it’s bearable, mainly if it’s worth it in the end. Butttt – the other thing that’s circling my mind…

Now this may be TMI for some prudes, but I don’t care. I need to be able to get this all out.

I didn’t really get when we were supposed to BD after the ovidrel shot. So from my point of view, more is just better. I recognize that I’ve been driving poor hubs insane about it. We had a lot of BDing the past few days (although the last time before today was yesterday around noon). Today, arguably the most important day, we’ve slacked off. We BD at like 11am but (and maybe this is my anxious self) I felt like there just wasn’t a lot of good stuff up in me after. So in my mind we didn’t even really do it. J says I’m insane. He had an event tonight and had to leave. Right before I made him try, being all anxious and rushing to go, it didn’t exactly go very smoothly and so at one point he’s just like I have to leave, we’ll try again later.

So here I am, alone, in pain, nauseous, on the couch. Worried that it’ll be our own fault if this doesn’t work.

2 thoughts on “2 days post ovidrel

  1. Sweets if u bded yest at eleven then diont worry. Sperms stay cozy for 72 hrs.. Dont push it too much last thing u want is performance anxiety 🙂 all the best.. And relax remember stress is the buggest deterrent


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