Almost there?

So after the nurse who called on Friday sounded outrageously optimistic, we went in today for monitoring and there’s one follice that’s 16 and change. I feel like that’s still on the smaller side relative to what other people have been mentioning, but they told me that on menopur they look for 17. So I’m not sure. I’m nervous they’ll have me trigger too early. And then all this 4.5 weeks on meds will have been a waste. I really want this to work. I’m so tired of it.

On the other hand I’m so happy we’re seeing some change. I was so nervous that this wouldn’t work and I would be screwed. Because no follicles then no trying anything more intense if (hopefully not but) we would get to that point. So that’s a plus.

Just hoping and praying this all goes smoothly and well 🙂

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