I don’t know if this is universal, although I can’t imagine it’s just me. I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about putting J through all this. The early mornings, the running to pick up meds last minute… everything. And most of all for making it so difficult to have a baby. As of right now it is likely just me and my lack of ovulating that’s stopping us, and I just feel as though I’m holding something back from him. He of course has explicitly told me he doesn’t feel this way, but the guilt is definitely still there. As I write this I have a lump in my throat. Not sure what the sudden sadness is about.

In other news they upped me to 2 menopur vials. I have to go back in tomorrow to be monitored again. It isn’t really a good day for it as I have to be at work early and I’m going straight to J’s graduation in the evening. But, you don’t get much of a choice in this game.


3 thoughts on “Guilt

  1. I think it’s natural to feel that way but you also have to ask yourself: Would he be doing it if he didn’t want to? I don’t think so! I mean it’s pretty invasive and it’s not that much fun for a guy. He’s doing it because he wants it too, and he loves you and supports you. You are lovable so don’t feel guilty for accepting his love!


  2. It’s not your fault. It’s not like you planned things out to be a bit more difficult, and I bet your hubby doesn’t feel that way either. My hubby said when I felt guilty that he was more upset by the fact that I was going through a hard time and he couldn’t “fix” it for me.


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