The Little Follicles That Couldn’t

That’s what I’ve named the follicles on the way home this morning. I’m extremely frustrated. At this point I’ve been on menopur for 12 days. 8 at 75iu and now 4 at 100iu. The ultrasound was extremely uncomfortable bordering on painful this morning because I was extremely constipated. She couldn’t even locate my ovaries easily. I usually try to see the measurements but the angle of the screen wasn’t good today so I didn’t get a read. The sonographer just said they’re really small. I’m nervous about what happens if this just doesn’t work. I don’t really know where you’d go from there. And icing on the cake, I have renewed anxiety about finances as J graduates and the job offer he wanted comes with less money than we had anticipated.

Overall, frustrating morning and a day of work ahead. I hope they up my dosage so that this ridiculous process of getting 1/3 of menopur out can be done with.


3 thoughts on “The Little Follicles That Couldn’t

  1. Are they considering putting you on any other injections other than just Menopur? Maybe ask them about it when they call you today. Just hang in there, sometimes these babies can surprise you! I’ve been on my meds for almost 3 weeks now and they are just finally to grow. Sending you growing baby dust!


    • There was some movement today! So I really hope they start to grow (maybe a little faster, if I can wish for things lol) – no one mentioned taking other things today, when I go back next I’ll ask, but hopefully I won’t need to!!


  2. I’m the same! I’ve been on it for ages it seems like (4 pens of Gonal F… I lose count). But just been for my scan and it’s finally happened!! So keep going!


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