Mother’s Day

Today’s been hard. My mother in law posts happy mother’s day to my sisters in law. It feels like she’s rubbing it in. J just says, maybe stupidly, she doesn’t even know that we’re not trying to prevent it. It’s just hard all around. I was at my mother and all was fine, then my stepbrother, their wife and baby show up and i just can’t handle it. We left pretty soon after. Just in a bad mood. And my sister lost a ton of weight and I’m still struggling with the probably near 20 pounds I put on in the last 8 months.

And apparently J’s brother and baby went to my in laws and they all went out to eat. No invite. Whatever….

Added bonus, this dose of menopur is ridiculous. The amount of pressure it creates to squeeze 3cc into a syringe and then mix that with one vial of menopur is crazy. It squirted everywhere when we were trying to mix. It was pretty comical as it happened, but from my point of view right now, everything is shitty.

Damn mother’s day and insensitive, unthinking people.


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