Hello world!

My first blog as an adult. Never thought I’d come back to this, since I had one as a tween and it’s forever associated with that stage. But after going to be monitored at the RE this (early!) morning, I’m frustrated. And I needed to get it out. And also document what I’m up to, because I’m starting to forget and this is only the first time I’m doing this (and hopefully last :-/ )

So I started the menopur injections 8 days ago. Went in after 5 days and there were almost no visible follicles. They told me to continue for 3 more days and come in again (today.) They hardly grew, if at all. I’m just starting to get antsy.

I’m also not really sure how this is ever going to happen. My RE is aiming for one follicle to mature. But the drugs don’t discriminate. I don’t see how we’re ever going to get just 1 or 2. And canceling the cycle just seems like such a waste of time, effort, energy and money. Funny how I’m already focused on canceling because of too many when we can’t even get the little buggers to grow.

On the plus side, I really love the RE’s office and staff and needles are no big deal. We’re really getting the hang of mixing and injecting, it’s become pretty seamless. Thank goodness for the small things. Now I just wait for a call from the RE. I kinda hope that they up the dose, though they forewarned us during the injectable training class not to get frustrated when they don’t.


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